Quality service and repairs for over a quarter of a century!

For over 25 years, Matt and Laura have been providing top quality mobile glass replacement and other automotive repairs, which mean that you can have confidence you’ll receive only flawless work every time you leave your vehicle!

Windshield Repair

A good windshield repair can keep your current windshield in working order for years. Most windshield repairs are an effort to stop a chip from becoming a crack or a crack from becoming a hazard. Windshield repair also includes things like water leaks, wind noises, or loose molding.

Car Door Window & Regulator Replacement

Unlike windshields which are laminated, door glass is tempered glass and breaks into a million pieces if damaged, meaning you won’t need chip or crack repair for your door, although your door glass also may not shatter pieces if you have aftermarket tint as the tint film will hold the tiny fragments of safety glass together. This means a car window repair is usually a full replacement. Although, if your electric window has stopped working you might need to have the regulator replaced. Again, the fix for most of these problems is often a full replacement of the part.

Selecting the right specialty experts for your vehicle repairs

Only auto experts can work on every type of vehicle, from a ’56 Belair’s to a brand new Aston Martins, and that unparalleled experience is what Trotter uses when helping you.

Complete solutions for life

Whether it is a car or truck, you can trust the solid, reputable work of Trotter Auto Glass Plus, who guarantee all auto glass replacements with a lifetime warranty that lasts for however long you own your vehicles.  

Not just the place for automotive services, Trotter Auto Glass Plus also offers glass repairs on residential insulating units, cracked or foggy windows, sliding entrance doors, and so much more!

It’s all about you!

Unlike other shops, each customer is given personalized attention, professional installations, and a fully customized focus on getting it right, so click here to learn what your friends think, and how your next glass purchase will impress you without question.

 Trotter Auto Glass Plus – we are quality based, not quantity based – real service!